Wednesday, July 01, 2009

50324 the New 90210

The identity crisis is over in Windsor Heights. Mayor Jerry Sullivan says the town of about 5,000 has fought especially hard over the past decade to get its own zip code. It's shared three zip codes in the past from West Des Moines, Des Moines and Urbandale. Residents say the multiple zip codes were confusing and resulted in lost or misdirected mail over the years. However, a postal carrier we met in a Windsor Heights neighborhood disputed all that.

The mayor and city council appealed to Des Moines area Congressman Leonard Boswell for help. After the U.S. Postal Service refused to grant the request, Boswell found help in Congress. So starting today, Windsor Heights' 50324 becomes the most celebrated zip code since the long-side burned days of Brandon and Dillon on 90210 (you know there's a clip coming here, don't you?)

Tuesday night, Windsor Heights celebrated the new zip code with an after-hours party in the newly-renovated Colby Park.

Here's my tv story on the night.

And, yes, of course, for your viewing pleasure...bring on Hollywood! The original show open. Notice how long it is (insert her own Michael Scott joke here)


desmoinesdem said...

As a Windsor Heights resident, my understanding is that the problem wasn't misdirected mail--it was that there was no easy way to bulk mail to all Windsor Heights residents (divided among three zip codes).

It was also confusing when ordering things by phone--I would give Windsor Heights as the city, but my zip code would cause "Urbandale" to pop up automatically in the computer on the other end.

Dave Price said...

Good points. Those were mentioned as concerns, as well.

Michelle said...

Our old zip was 50311, which is Des Moines (including a portion of the "hood"). I would think the new zip will make our insurance premiums go down a bit...also some people didn't consider Windsor Heights a "city". I think a lot thought it was like Beaverdale. Just a neighborhood. Also, when ordering online, some sites don't even have Windsor Heights as an option. It would insist on putting Des Moines in there. I don't live in Des Moines though! Ugh.