Sunday, July 05, 2009

Rants Criticizes State Fleet

Iowa Republican Gubernatorial (Almost) Candidate Chris Rants used a free anti-Culver t-shirt to make a point Sunday. Rants has been a frequent critic of the fleet of state vehicles that sits in a lot near the Iowa Statehouse collecting dust, as he says. Sunday afternoon, Rants sent out a message on Twitter and Facebook that promised the shirt to whichever person could guess how many state vehicles he found near the Des Moines tea protest party Saturday. Here's the exchange:

Christopher Rants A free "Debt Culver" t shirt to the 1st person to correctly guess the number of state cars parked in the ramp across from the TEA party Sat
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You like this.
Ryan W. Frederick at 12:07pm July 5
Jon McAvoy at 12:08pm July 5
Matt Miller at 12:16pm July 5
100 - per
Christopher Rants at 12:22pm July 5
All answers are too low.... They stashed them on the top three floors were they were less likely to be seen - and I drove thru yesterday to count so I'd have up to date number.
Ryan W. Frederick at 12:23pm July 5
hmm...I'll try again... 135
Christopher Rants at 12:26pm July 5
Don McDowell at 12:36pm July 5
Rick Hunsaker at 12:43pm July 5
Darren Clayton at 12:44pm July 5
Christopher Rants at 12:49pm July 5
More than 135, but less than 192....
Rick Hunsaker at 12:54pm July 5
Ryan W. Frederick at 12:55pm July 5
Rick Hunsaker at 12:57pm July 5
Doriano Rossi at 12:59pm July 5
Jill J. Noordhoek at 1:02pm July 5
145....or to darn many!
Rick Hunsaker at 1:07pm July 5
Grace Rants at 1:15pm July 5
Steve Larson at 1:20pm July 5
Sarah Bowman at 1:23pm July 5
Michele Ryan at 1:25pm July 5
Rick Hunsaker at 1:29pm July 5
Christopher Rants at 1:33pm July 5
Steve Larson would be the winner! Shoot me a direct message with your address and size so I can send you the shirt.
Steve Larson at 1:55pm July 5
Woohoo! I won!

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Anonymous said...

Rants is a tool. Always has been. Always will be.