Thursday, July 02, 2009

Roberts About to File Papers

We called it a "Republican Roundup" on my Internet radio show "Purple Matters" (that's a lot of "quotation marks" in one sentence, huh?) We had six possible candidates for the Republican nomination for governor next year in Iowa. Sioux City Rep. Chris Rants, Sioux City businessman Bob Vander Plaats, Carroll Rep. Rod Roberts, Cedar Rapids economist Christian Fong, Boone Senator Jerry Behn and Agriculture Secretary Bill Northey all joined us. Chariton Senator Paul McKinley, Ankeny businessman Jeff Lamberti and Western Iowa Congress Steve King all cited scheduling conflicts, so they couldn't take part.

What did we find out?

Rod Roberts--About to file for exploratory committee. Roberts said he will file in the next two or three weeks. He knows he has a name recognition challenge, probably a big one. Roberts expects 4-8 candidates this summer from his party, but he expects that will drop to 3 or 4 by the fall.

Roberts talked to us from his home in Carroll. Here is his full interview on "Purple Matters" on

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Anonymous said...

Um, there is no such thing as an exploratory committee. You either file with Disclsure Board or not.