Friday, January 23, 2009

Senator Charles Grassley is a Tweeter

I will never again doubt the tweeting prowess of Chuck Grassley. I openly (and perhaps, foolishly) wondered aloud on WHO radio today that Iowa's senior U.S. senator personally sends out his messages on Twitter. I mean the guy is 75. I later received an email from his office assuring me the senator does indeed do his own tweeting. I'm new to tweeting myself.
A woman sort of shamed me into it during a media panel on which I served last week. She asked how the media would connect with the younger crowd with social networking. This bothered me on two fronts. I didn't really know what twitter was. And apparently, she doesn't consider me part of the younger crowd. Ouch. So I joined twitter. I can't make myself younger.

BTW, Senator Grassley has 1154 followers. For you non-tweeters, twitter members can sign up to "follow" someone's postings. You get an email or text message when that person posts some kind of message. It's kind of like "friends" on Facebook. How does "the younger crowd" stay up on all of this!

In case you care, here's Senator Grassley's latest tweet he sent Friday a.m.:

Up at 4am on way to iowa. Two speeches this wkend in DsM and Waukee. One other Iowa Congreeman up early on same Flite

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