Saturday, January 10, 2009

Crooks and Cubs

A viewer/reader asks this hypothetical:

Dave, I have a question. What Illinois streak do you think will end first. The Cubs incredible streak of not winning theWorld Series, or the streak of consecutive Illinois Governors being arrested and sent to prison? Feel free to steal this question for the Price of Politics, I read it you could use the help.Thanks Dave,Leon the Bull Durham

Is that what people call a backhanded compliment?--"The Bull" apparently reads the blog, but also apparently, he thinks we need some help on the content. Well, Bull, thanks for the help.

Leon Durham, by the way, was a promising, up-and-coming first basemen with my St. Louis Cardinals before the team traded him, along with several others, to the hated Chicago Cubs for elite closer Bruce Sutter (Bru-u-u-u-ce). Unfortunately, he may be best remembered for letting that ground ball get past him, ultimately allowing the San Diego Padres to make it to the World Series instead of the Cubs. What a shame.

Rod Blagojevich is just another of Illinois' politicians to embarrass my home state. Three governors since the 1960s have gone on to prison. Perhaps, the latest, George Ryan, will be able to show Blago around. Does a person have to be crooked before he runs for governor in Illinois or does it just happen after he takes office?
So to answer your question, Bull, let's hope crooked governors break this streak before those cursed Cubs ruin their streak!

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