Saturday, January 10, 2009

Republicans Elect New Party Chairman

(Photo from Strawn's Facebook page. He is one of the owners of the Iowa Barnstormers, Des Moines' Arena Football League team)

Matt Strawn told us inside the Republican Party of Iowa's headquarters in Des Moines Saturday afternoon that he would use new technology to spread the party's message. Facebook, Twitter, etc. (I still haven't figured out Twitter and have only to begun to understand Facebook) And he did. It wasn't quite the wake-up I remember when Barack Obama texted to say he had picked Joe Biden as his v.p. But minutes after peers elected Strawn the new chairman, he did sent out the message on his Facebook page.

Matt Strawn is humbled and honored by his election to chair the Republican Party of Iowa.

A Republican in the room told me the room was "united". I must wonder why the man Strawn beat, former legislator Danny Carroll, did not hang around for the Strawn news conference. Outgoing chair Stew Iverson was also just that...outgoing. He also did not stick around.

Repubs have a challenge before them. They have to convince Iowans who THEY are and why Iowans should become one of them. More Iowans have decided the past few years..."no, thanks."

Strawn told me he has four goals:

1. rebuild the party
2. fund raise
3. recruit good candidates
4. communicate with Iowans and each other

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