Friday, January 16, 2009

Leasing the Lottery

Iowa democrats are thinking about leasing the Iowa Lottery. The Des Moines Register reports on the numbers...the state may get about $200 million up front and then about $20 million or so a year afterwards. That's about one-third of the revenue it's taking in a year now. Short-term gain, long-term loss? Do you want lawmakers to do this?

The Register also has an awful story about a Des Moines man who may have been stuck outside in his wheelchair last night in the snow when the temperature was minus 18. Awful.

I'm getting ready (it's just about noon right now) for a taping of "The Insiders", which runs Sunday morning at 9:30 on Channel 13. The guests are Jerry Crawford and Doug Gross. I hope you'll watch.

I'm still waiting to see if my Cardinals are going to make a move. I realize the economy sucks, but, surely, they can do more to help their pitching staff. Former favorite David Eckstein just signed with the Padres to play second base. And uber-fan favorite So Taguchi just signed with the Cubs. The Cubs?! First, Jim Edmonds and now So? Who's next...Pujols?

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Anonymous said...

Lease the Lottery!! Those yahoos in the State House have got to be nuts for sure! Guess this is just another one of those "don't ask the public, we'll just do what we think is best for them" kind of deals! I say, curb some spending and lets keep all the Lottery profits in our own till. Nuts to this get rich quick scheme they're talking about!