Monday, January 05, 2009

Duffy Cartoon Criticizes Culver

Duffy is back, at least he was today. And he had a little message, in his own way, for Governor Chet Culver. Brian Duffy worked for The Des Moines Register for about a quarter of a century before the newspaper fired him in what it called a cost-cutting move. Apparently, the Iowa Progress Project found some money in its budget for him. The IPP isn't exactly a fan of Culver or most democrats for that matter. A spokesman told me a Duffy cartoon may not be a one-time thing.

Here's the rest of the release:

Christmas has come and gone yet state employee stockings continue to be filled.
Some state employees are luckier than others. For those not under union contract, they get lumps of coal in the form of layoffs and pay freezes. For AFSCME and union members, they get built in raises and promises of job security. Culver announced last week that non-union state employees wouldn’t be receiving deserved bonus, raises, or promotions. Layoffs are to be expected.
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Santa may have brought some criticism for the Gov. But he didn't seem to bring my Cardinals much of anything. Royce Ring? Seriously???


mitchster said...

So let me get this straight the members that joined the union and pay dues get security for their investment and the SCABS that choose to not be a part of the union (but always take the raises, benefits, etc. that the union wins for them) are getting laid off first and we are supposed to feel sorry for them? Last time I checked that's what unions are supposed to do. Now maybe if more people realized this they would pay their FAIR SHARE and stop leaching off union members.

Anonymous said...

Unions are ruining this country. Just ask the auto makers.