Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Inauguration Day

I'm tired today. And for no good reason. I can only imagine how tired Barack and Michelle Obama must be. I remember my wedding day. You were grateful to have so many people there, filling you with well-wishes. But the smiling, waving, hand shaking, and thank you-ing were exhausting. The Obamas did that all day and all night long on inauguration day. I thought the First Lady looked like she was ready to go home by the time she and her presidential hubby danced at their tenth and final ball last night. She looked like she was too tired to smile. I can see why. What a day that must have been for the two of them. Now we'll see if her husband can really bring all that "change" he promised. He has his work cut out.

I'm also curious what George W Bush was thinking both today and yesterday. The job must be unimaginably exhausting. Does he look forward to having the weight of the world taken off his shoulders? Is he happy with what he accomplished? Does he wish he had more time? What will be do now that he's out of office?

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Anonymous said...

What's with Madison County Sheriff buying HD TV's instead of using converter boxes? That is crazy!
Don't suppose The Register can afford $$ to investigate!