Thursday, January 22, 2009

On the Radio

I'm hosting Jan Mickelson's show on WHO radio show Friday morning from 9-11:30. The first hour we'll have Matt Strawn, the new Chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa, and Tom Henderson, Chairman of the Polk Democratic Party (and rumored to be on a very short list to take over as state chairman). The second hour we'll talk about that idea Governor Culver is considering to lease the Iowa Lottery.
If you can't call in, comment here. I'll use some of them on the air. Thanks!


Pat in West Des Moines said...

I know we need the money. But this lottery ideas is completely stupid!

Chris said...

Let's at least look at this idea. We need the money

Anonymous said...

This is so dumb. It's typical of polititians to scam, cheat and steal money today at the expense of tomorrow so they can fund their excessive spending. They'll get the money now knowing that the voters won't remember or won't even realize a few years from now how much money we're missing because of the bad deal they made today. Gambling isn't a solution anyway!

From what I can tell, here's how politcians do business. They take from the producers and provide programs for those "in need" which insure them more votes. On the backside, they give contracts to their buddies and contributers to provide the services and "windfall profits"! The middle class is getting fleeced at both the State and national level...

Anonymous said...

I personally will not spend very much money on the lottery if they lease it. At the moment when I buy a ticket I feel I'm helping Iowa, if they lease it I won't buy, I don't want to help an indivdual or ipers.

Patti said...


This is Vern - I am traveling to IL and got cut off on my cell phone.

Selling lottery is absurd as mentioned by others is short-term & short sighted. When are the democrats (Culver & Vilsack) going to deal with issue - State of Iowa is SPENDING TOO MUCH MONEY - how can anyone, in this environment, increase spending by 21% (as noted by senator who called in). I think this verges on the criminal & Iowans should be outrated with another example is financial mis-management. How do Iowans speak out against this?

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Anonymous said...

Gambling is an addiction and we have been addicted to it and hard to give up .. If we cold turkey off gambling it would be best for the State. If we are going to keep it then let IPERS get the profits.

Anonymous said...

The sale of the lottery is nothing more than a bail-out for AFSME or a payback for their election support and it helps less than 10% of Iowans - those Iowans who are state and local government employees

The 200 million dollar sale gives the state enough money that they don't have to lay-off any workers. They also don't have to cut the pay for workers and administrators.

Then, the yearly fee that gets paid to the state for the rights to own the lottery doesn't go to you and me, it goes into a pension fund thats already quite well funded.

It's not government by the people for the people its government by the government for the government


Anonymous said...

The lottery makes $163,561 per day, The investment company that buys this would get a return on investment of 36.8%. That seems a little steep of a price for the people of Iowa to pay. A more realistic of a price for the lottery should be around $746.250,000 that would give the investors a fair return of 8%

Anonymous said...

Dave .. Tom Henderson was insulting that democrates are honest, etc.. As long as anyone belives in choice and the killing of children, they are not honest. They have no morals tobe considered honest.

Anonymous said...

Why don't they go back and cut the programs they've added over the past two years? Start with Hawkeye Care! Our politicians incentivise low wage jobs or not working with the social programs and tax structures and then act surprised when our college graduates leave the state!

May sound crazy but how about incentivising higher paying jobs by giving tax cuts to those who earn at least 5 or 10 grand over the poverty level and lower tax rates to companies that pay living wages and DON'T hire illegals? With responsible leadership this wouldn't be an issue!!

Terry said...

"Selling" the lottery is like cutting off your nose to spite your face. What's wrong with today's Polititions! Do they think the workin' stiff middle class is going to put up with their BS spending forever? Myself, I'm fed up with all this spending/bailouts at the State and Federal level!
Yah, go ahead and "sell" the Lottery for a quick buck, then cry the blues a few years down the road because we don't have that little extra money coming in.

Terry in Ames