Friday, January 09, 2009

More Layoffs in the Metro; Iowa Republicans' New Chairman

My cell phone and email have been buzzing all morning long. It sounds like there may be more layoffs/reductions in the health care and media industries in central Iowa. This comes just one day after legendary Des Moines company, Meredith, announced it was cutting 250 jobs, including 100 in Des Moines. I'm not going to mention specific companies at this point until we get firmer details on this. This layoff stuff is really getting scary. It seems like everyone I know is either concerned about losing a job, having to cut a job or at least knows someone who has been affected by this pitiful economy.

Saturday, Iowa Republicans try to begin figuring out the "what's next?" for them. The State Central Committee picks a new chairman. As of last check there were six "candidates" to replace outgoing Chairman Stew Iverson (he had said he'd only do the job for 2008). I'm told by Republican sources to especially watch two people Saturday, former legislator Danny Carroll and Iowa Barnstormers' owner Matt Strawn.

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Mr. Republican shh said...

It's going to be Matt. His tour of the state and his attempt to use online resources and new tools impressed everyone. They needed to reinvigorate the party but wanted someone conservative enough.

Three cheers for barnstormers.