Thursday, January 22, 2009

Obama Gets Sworn In. Again.


A do-over. A mulligan. A make good. We knew this last presidential election was unique. And now we know, even the swearing-in ceremony is memorable. So Chief Justice John Roberts butchers the oath (do you think he'll take his notes next time, conspiracy theorists?). President Obama looked like he knew something was screwed up. After all, as a former constitutional law professor, he probably could recite the words backwards. Justice Roberts then meets the Prez last night to administer the oath again. It was surprising to me, I must say. I watched NBC Nightly News, which addressed the swearing-in stumbling. Brian Williams said experts with whom they talked said the messed up ceremony (he didn't used "messed up, of course") was still legal, so everything was o.k. Or not! The do-over came about an hour after the broadcast.

Boy, imagine if we could all get do-overs like that.

Would we still have invaded Iraq if we knew Saddam didn't have WMD?
Would John McCain still have (largely) skipped Iowa before the caucuses?
Would Rudy Giuliani still have waited until Florida to start campaigning?
Would Iowa lawmakers still have spent as much money if they knew the recession was coming?
Would I have still paid way too much money to a scalper to see Mark McGwire (the cheater) break the home run record in St. Louis?
Would I have still thrown my trumpet across the high school football field when I cracked the high note on the national anthem?
Would I have still moved to Iowa, if I had known how cold it is over the winter? Yes, I would.

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