Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Vander Plaats Condemns McCoy Death Threats

Likely (probably more than just "likely") Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Bob Vander Plaats just sent out a release condemning the death threats against the Iowa legislature's only openly gay lawmaker. Here it is...


DES MOINES – Bob Vander Plaats released the following statement today in response to a report that state Sen. Matt McCoy, an advocate of same-sex marriages, received a death threat on Monday:

“Matt McCoy and I fundamentally disagree on the same-sex marriage issue and other issues, but I deplore anyone who would make a death threat against him or anyone else under any circumstance. Such action is morally wrong and, in fact, illegal. The same-sex marriage issue is probably the most emotionally charged public policy issue in the past 40 years but threats against any individual or group are absolutely the wrong way to express opposition to it or the Iowa Supreme Court’s April 3 opinion. I want to make it clear in the strongest possible language that I will never condone threats of violence against another person. Anyone make such a threat such be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”


Anonymous said...

Go BVP! I am against gay marriage as well but I am horrified that anyone would issue a death threat to any legislature no matter how I feel about their positions. Way to go Bob!

Anonymous said...

We really need to have a little common sense...death threats are just uncalled for... Its a no brainer he should condemn them. Duh. When are the fair minded Iowans going to wake up to see this as a non issue. Vander PLaats will run on this and lose the race for Governor for two reasons...one, after the fervor dies down, we will see this is not a threat to heterosexual marriage and two, because Iowans are gonna love their share of the $160 million in economic stimulus this will bring to Iowa. As someone once said "Its about the economy stupid" (forgive the word stupid..it was a quote).

Anonymous said...

The only thing is all the other problems it is going to cause. How will you like it being taught in schools that its all right. will you like it when a pair of them come into a bar or eating place and start making out next to you?