Friday, April 10, 2009

Culver to Masters

Many weekends, Governor Chet Culver's office sends out some type of congratulatory statement about an event/success/nice try for an Iowa sports team. This weekend, the Gov could deliver the message from the road in person. He is headed to the Masters in August, Georgia. At least two other prominent (or in one case, soon-to-be-prominent) Iowans will also be there. As Iowa lawmakers work on the final days of the budget/legislative session, you'll notice the last line in the release from the Gov's office...


Governor Attends DGA Event this Weekend in Augusta

DES MOINES – Iowa’s Governor will also be the number one fan of two Iowans playing in this year’s Masters golf tournament, as Chet Culver travels to Augusta this weekend. Iowans Zach Johnson and Jack Newman are in the field for the 2009 Masters.

Governor Culver will be in Georgia for an event sponsored by the Democratic Governors Association.

“From the success of our college student-athletes to our Olympians to now having two Iowans compete in the Masters, the past year has been a great time for Iowa sports fans,” said Governor Culver. “I am looking forward to being a part of the galleries following Zach and Jack at Augusta National this weekend.”

Zach Johnson is the 2007 Masters champion. He is a graduate of Drake University in Des Moines and Regis High School in Cedar Rapids, alma mater of First Lady Mari Culver.

Jack Newman is the reigning U.S. Amateur Public Links champion. He is a student at Michigan State University and a graduate of Hoover High School in Des Moines, where Governor Culver formerly taught.

Governor Culver is leaving for Georgia this afternoon and returning to Iowa on Monday as the legislature resumes. The trip is being paid for with campaign funds, not tax dollars.


Anonymous said...

Goodness, you'd think truly concerned DEMOCRATS would avoid a place like Georgia during the Masters for a governors' meeting. Shouldn't they be meeting in centralized location to cut costs?
The Big Lug should be hosting them someplace like the Sudbury Motel in Marengo, but if they want to "step up," they could always head to Honey Creek. Evenings in Moravia, Centerville, and Albia would do them some good.

Mouton said...

Well now that both Zach and Newman missed the cut, will Big Chet come back home before Monday?

Anonymous said...

They could just as well keep him there