Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Paulsen Refutes Governor's Claim on Taxes

Yesterday, Governor Culver told me he is not to blame for defections on the Democratic tax bill plan. Last week, House Speaker Pat Murphy told us after Culver insisted more Iowans get tax cuts under the plan, he lost Democratic support. Murphy said, if that wouldn't have happened, he could have passed the plan two weeks (it would be three weeks ago now). The governor denied that. He said his changes actually ADDED legislative support. He said, "I think we've probably picked up some votes and maybe even a few Republican votes."

Today, House Republican Leader Kraig Paulsen said there is no way the governor has picked up help from the Republicans. Here's his statement:

Paulsen Reacts to Governor's Statement on Federal Deductibility

(DES MOINES)—House Republican Leader Kraig Paulsen (R-Hiawatha) today issued a statement in response to Gov. Culver’s recent claim to have picked up a few Republican votes for the Democrat plan to eliminate federal deductibility and raise taxes on Iowans.
“While the governor may be eager to raise taxes to support the most spending in the state’s history, he is in error that Republicans will help him with that task. There are no Republicans in the House that will vote to eliminate federal deductibility. House Republicans continue to stand firm with Iowans and will not support any attempts to raise taxes on Iowa’s families.”


Anonymous said...

That's a misleading headline. It sounds like a Paulsen claim regarding the tax rates, but it's just a Paulsen claim regarding Republican support for the bill.

How about "Paulsen Denies Republicans Will Back Tax Bill"

Jerry Depew

Anonymous said...

AS we all know the demos have totaly dropped the ball for the last two years . if this was one of our coaches at any of our schools their heads would be asked to roll. time for some real change. lets get some new faces at the gold dome next year.