Thursday, April 16, 2009

No Tax Debate Today

(Updated: Thanks to Dean Fiihr from the Iowa house Democrats...

The tax bill is not on today's agenda at the Iowa Statehouse. It is on the debate calendar for Friday. But Dean tells me there are no plans to debate the bill tomorrow. He said the Dems still have only 50 members who agree with the plan.)

Iowa Democrats have re-re-re-re-rescheduled the tax bill that eliminates federal deductibility for the debate calendar Friday. I'm not sure I've given this enough "re-'s", but I gave it my best shot. Debate calendars have indicated the house could debate this every day this week. But each time, the issue gets pushed aside.

A few final thoughts on that anti-tea tax party at the Iowa Statehouse yesterday. State troopers estimated the crowd at nearly 3,000, in case you were wondering how we determined our estimate. The event began with a comment that this was a non-partisan event. Speakers, however, at this anti-tax rally, also criticized the same sex marriage decision and a woman's right to choose abortion.

Also, while I appreciate the organizer thanking me publicly to the crowd for my "support" of this event (I did a story a few weeks ago when I learned there would be dueling tea parties in Des Moines), especially after other speakers ripped on the media, I must remind everyone, as a reporter, I can't "support" any type of political or pseudo-political event. About the only thing I unabashedly publicly support is my St. Louis Cardinals:) But thanks for the kind words.

Organizers are working on another tea party for the 4th of July.

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