Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hatch Calls Gessow Vote Most Important in Decade

Iowa lawmakers vote on issues like where sex offenders should live, how to better children's education, equal rights, disaster recovery, etc. Today, Democratic Senator Jack Hatch, of Des Moines, said none of those are as important as the nomination of Gene Gessow to head the Department of Human Services. Hatch said, "I dare say it's the most important vote we will take in the next ten years."

As of 7pm Tuesday, the state senate has not taken up that vote. Gessow, DHS's interim director, would have to be confirmed by the senate by Wednesday at midnight to get the permanent position. If the senate fails to confirm him, Governor Culver could re-appoint him or appoint someone else on an interim basis until lawmakers meet again in session in 2010. Culver Tuesday said he would not rule out re-nominating Gessow if the senate fails to confirm him by Wednesday.

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