Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fallon Criticizes Culver

Fallon: Culver inaccessible, unresponsive, reneges on promises

That's Ed Fallon's headline for Governor Chet Culver. It's safe to say Fallon isn't too thrilled with Culver. Maybe I should say he is still not too thrilled with Culver. Fallon served 7 terms in the Iowa legislature before he ran unsuccessfully against Culver in the Democratic primary in 2006. Fallon pledged to support Culver during the rest of that race for governor. But Fallon has had his issues with Culver since then. Today, Fallon sent an email through his advocacy business complaining Culver's office hasn't been responding to his phone calls.

It looks like her fans still like talking about Jeanette Trompeter, even after her company dumped her to save money in Minneapolis. She filled in on WCCO radio. You'll remember WCCO-TV cut her. Apparently, fans of hers let it be known loudly and clearly her old tv station made a mistake. And according to a column in the Twin Cities, her old boss wasn't too pleased.

Chris Duncan has no business playing in the outfield for the St. Louis Cardinals. I realize he is hitting much better than he has been in the last few years. But his defensive skills make Cards' fans puke their overpriced brats.

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Anonymous said...

I don`t think anyone should be very happy with Culver about now. right now he is a fence sitter and needs to sit back with the rest of us after next fall and see how bad politics are making things for all of us.we need new leadership.