Friday, April 10, 2009

Iowa Supreme Court Background

Sorry, this is a few days late. Actually, more than a few days. I'm just getting back into town after a family visit in Tampa. But in case you were wondering about any political affiliations of Iowa's Supreme Court justices in the midst of this landmark decision about same sex marriage, I asked the Iowa Secretary of State's office for their registration information. Here's what the office gave me (keep in mind, of course, the "no party" people may not actually be independents, they may just not list a declared party preference, much like journalists do). I listed the info according to the justices order in the picture above...

Brent Appel: No Party
David Wiggins: Democrat
Mark Cady: No Party
Chief Justice Marsha Ternus: No Party
Michael Streit: Democrat
Daryl Hecht: Democrat
David Baker: No Party


Anonymous said...

Appel might be listed as no party, but it also might be relevant to mention that his wife is a Democrat legislator (and is pretty left wing even when compared to other democrats).

Anonymous said...

Plus Brent Appel ran for Congress as a Democrat and has been a huge Democrat supporter. David Baker is also a supporter of Democrats

Anonymous said...

Cady appointed by former Repub Gov Brandstad... Cady, originally an attorney from Ft. Dodge, is known to be a longtime Repub.