Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Voting Lines

I meant to add this in a previous post, but it's probably worth doing separately. How long did it take you to vote today? I figure it took me about ten minutes. Not bad at all. It just doesn't seem like Iowa ever has these huge problems other states have or these huge lines other states have right now. I wonder why. Write a few words about your election day experience. Why did you vote today? Why not vote early? What was the mood like at your site? Mine, it seemed everyone was happy. Everyone.


Anonymous said...

It took me probably ten minutes or so. It was great. I had no problem at all. Change is in the air, baby!

Anonymous said...

We waited nearly an hour on the east side of Des Moines. We didn't have any problems either. But there was a lot of people trying to vote before work today. I don't care though. We have to get this country fixed.

Anonymous said...

It took me ten minutes to sign in and place my vote. I had thought about voting early, but I wanted to take part in all the excitement that was happening yesterday. It was an amazing day, and just seeing news footage from people all over the country-- all over the world, even -- was inspiring!

NBC & WHO had amazing covergae last night, but I wish you would have stuck with McCain's concession speech and not cut away to someone else. He fought a good fight, and we should have listened to him last night.