Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Republicans Fire Wieck, Bring in McKinley

No surprise here...but the party purge continues for Iowa republicans. Today, they voted out Ron Wieck as their leader in the senate. Paul McKinley takes over. McKinley said democrats took republicans' ideas in the last election and that's why they won. He said voters couldn't tell from tv commercials whether democrats running for office were democrats or republicans. He claims they ran on lowering taxes, reducing property taxes and "standard republican issues."

I asked why then did voters decide democrats would be better to carry out republicans' ideas than republicans. McKinley said republicans now just need to "enunciate clearly" on their message that appeals to Iowa voters.

He also pointed out that he feels senate republicans "did quite well given the circumstances" on election night. Repubs lost two seats overall in the senate. They now have just 18 out of 50. I believe that's the fewest ever.

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