Thursday, November 20, 2008

Budget Problems

Remember when Republican State Auditor Dave Vaudt kept warning state democratic leaders they were spending too much on this year's budget? There's word today Governor Chet Culver is asking department heads to help him come up with $40 million worth of cuts. But will those be enough?

Apparently, Iowa Congressman Bruce Braley's not a big fan of the way another congressman does business. Real Clear Politics says Braley gave an impassioned speech to help oust Michigan Rep. John Dingell from his House Energy and Transportation Committee post.

And Congress may come back early from vacation to work on the economy. Most people believe we're in a recession, the auto industry's out of gas, the stock market's tanked, there are layoffs everywhere. Wow. What a sacrifice for Congress to come back early. It will be interesting to see the public's view of Congress' democratic leadership. Much like they do in Iowa, Democrats have the triple play, both chambers of the legislative branch and the executive branch. What will Iowans/Americans think if these party leaders can't start to make lives better?


madhuri said...
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Anonymous said...

fhe sad part is one of the first solutions suggested of the budget problems is tocut seniors so called tax breaks. lets look at all raises given to and by this bunch we have turned loose in the gold dome and consider the recent laws they have passed to make things sooo much better.rather than doing this yo seniors it is maybe time to send a bunch of ileagles home so they are not sucking off of the state we seniors have built