Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tom Miller Staying in Iowa

Another Iowan isn't apparently loading up the U-Haul. Attorney General Tom Miller told the Des Moines Register he wants to stay here. Former Gov Tom Vilsack said a few days ago he wasn't moving east anytime soon. The announcements all come as Barack Obama's administration has been announcing who did get the jobs that will put them in his administration.

Did you see this out of Minnesota? And I thought it was only Senator Larry Craig who made bathroom news up there. Apparently, some Iowa Hawkeye fans got a little too fired up at the game last weekend. A security guard says he busted a man and a woman going at it in a stall in one of the bathrooms during the game. And supposedly a group of spectators were checking out the activity. But here's the best part... after their arrests, the man and woman were released...the man to his girlfriend, the woman to her husband. Those must have been some awkward conversations!

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Was one of um Larry? :)