Sunday, November 16, 2008

Things That Make You Go Hmmm...

As I'm finishing off my leftover pot roast (thanks, honey!), I'm just chewing on a few goings-on (is that a word?).

Why can my former state of Missouri still not determine which presidential candidate won that state?

If Rudy Giuliani decides to run for president again, will he skip Iowa completely?

Mike Huckabee makes his return to Iowa this week. Will he really give up the lucrative world of writing books, giving speeches and hosting his own television show to run for president again?

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal makes his first Iowa voyage this week. Is there any chance he WON'T run for president?

A strange thing happened in the Des Moines tv world this week. Both main anchors went down. John Bachman and Kevin Cooney both stayed home sick the same night.

My mother-in-law won a 42 inch flat screen tv at the Tampa Bay Bucs game today. Does anyone have video of the dance she did after they posted her name on the stadium scoreboard? I'd pay big money!


Anonymous said...

If the Arsenio picture was supposed to relate to the blog title, it didn't. "Things That Make You Go Hmmm..." was C&C Music Factory. A more appropriate title would have been "Straight up now tell me. . ." :)
-Somebody who grew up in the '90s

Somebody Who Grew Up in the '90s...and remembers it better than you said...

Hey anon... The C&C Music Factory song was INSPIRED by a segment on Hall's show. Check out the wiki...

Dave Price said...

My thanks to "somebody who grew up in the '90s...". It seems like anonymous might be too young or just didn't watch Arsenio in his glory days. His "hmmmm..." segments were a big part of his show. That's for having my back, "somebody..."