Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day

Some of my colleagues don't work. In fact, one of my closest friends, who is a journalist, doesn't vote. She thinks it's easier to be an unbiased reporter if she doesn't vote. She figures that if she is trying to make up her mind as a voter as she meets and covers a candidate, it can distract her from her neutral reporting. I see her point. But I don't agree. I will say I don't vote in primaries. And I admit, that bugs me. But I don't want campaigns to find out how I voted in a primary and then wrongly assume something about me and possibly question my neutrality or lack thereof. I don't vote in general elections.

My wife and I voted at the church by our house around 10 this morning. It was comfortably crowded. We finished in less than ten minutes. I was voter number 453. A poll worker told us it's definitely been busy. No problems, from what I could tell. We'll have to see how the same day registration goes. At our place, they had a table set up at the left side of the room where the voting virgins could sign up.

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