Monday, November 10, 2008

Change at the Statehouse, Rants Out; Paulsen In

You can't quite call this a shocker. But Christopher Rants is no longer top dog for Iowa House Republicans. The former number two "R" in the house, Kraig Paulsen, beat out Rants to lead the party caucus today. It sounded like this was in the works for a while. And last Tuesday's election made three straight elections where Repubs lost strength in the house. That surely couldn't help Rants' cause. But did this really hurt Rants? As one Repub told me, "This gives Christopher more time to work on his campaign for governor." And Rants won't be saddled with the responsibility and potential blame from time to time of being in leadership. The next question is will Ron Wieck hold onto his position as the Repubs' leader in the senate? Or will Repubs decide the senate needs a swift kick of change, too? Conservative change.

Speaking of change... Barack Obama tapped into a network of donors this country's never seen before...make that, the WORLD has never seen before. Now the dems need you to pay the bills for going blue. And you can get a t-shirt!


Anonymous said...

Did anybody really think they would keep Rants as a leader? NO way.

Anonymous said...

i imiagine now with gas prices going down the state will stick it to us with a tax that sounds good untill prices go back up.