Sunday, November 30, 2008

Obama and Clinton; Rosie's Gone Again

Think back two years ago... did you really imagine Barack Obama as the country's next president and Hillary Clinton in his cabinet??? Seriously, who wouldathunkit? Will No Drama Obama be able to keep it no drama? Will Bill Clinton be able to stay out of the headlines during all of this? Were you surprised Hillary even wanted this? Will this end any presidential aspirations or will she try running eight years from now? So many questions to think about on a Sunday night.

We had a quite a road trip. We went to my parents in southern Illinois for the Thanksgiving holiday. I think it snowed virtually the entire drive back. But the great news...thanks to those work crews for getting expansions on Highway 63 (actually, thanks to my tax dollars, too, I suppose). But we could now bypass both Ottumwa and Fairfield. I think I saved at least a half hour of driving. Priceless.

And, who saw this looks like NBC already canned Rosie ODonnell's new show...after ONE episode! The promos about her show seemed to make fun of it before the show even started. They hardly made the show look like a winner. I have no idea why I just wrote about this. But, seriously, after ONE episode? Not that I saw it.

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