Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Sure Is Quiet Here

Not much going on in the Wedgwood here at the Hotel Ft. Des Moines. This is the site of what Leonard Boswell hopes is a victory celebration tonight. Ed Fallon is only a block away at the Raccoon River Brew Pub. That could make for an interesting scene at some point if they both hit the sidewalk at the same time.

This is a small room, probably half the size of the other ballroom candidates usually use on election night. I mean, sure, there are balloons, signs, pretzels and a stage. And it looks like popcorn bags, which means that irresistible smell will likely soon permeate the place. But I digress... Anyway, it's pretty quiet in here.

The absentee vote in Polk County looks big. That could mean a good night for Boswell. The Democratic machine is good at turning out the early vote. Turnout doesn't seem so big, at least not yet, in Fallon's turf in Sherman Hill. Overall, Polk Co does look big, maybe rivaling 2006. That would be impressive since that was a 3-way Democratic primary for Governor.

Previously undeclared superdelegates are pouring in for Barack Obama. Tom Harkin, are you ready yet?

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