Tuesday, June 03, 2008

He Has Arrived

Leonard Boswell just strolled by here in the Wedgwood Room at the Hotel Fort Des Moines. He smiled and waved. Seems happy and content. I wonder what he thinks of the Presidential race. He's a Hillary Clinton supporter. That's not looking so good right now.

Boswell will have some company here at his victory party (or so he hopes it's a victory party). The State Party Chair Scott Brennan should also be here, as will the winner of the 4th District Congressional race. That's a good way to get some tv face time. I wonder though how this will all shape out time wise. Clinton, McCain and Obama are all scheduled to give speeches tonight. Obama, by the time he takes the podium, could have this race officially clinched. So people will want to hear if he declares victory. And, of course, everyone will want to listen to see how Clinton handles herself during her speech. Will it be all about what she's accomplished? Will she congratulate Obama? Will she officially give up? And what will McCain have to say about it all? Of course, selfishly, I want to know, when will they all say it? Will they get in the way of Boswell's speech here? Timing is everything.

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