Monday, June 23, 2008

Hillary and the Big Twin

Why does it seem like Hillary Clinton is sending almost as many emails to supporters now that she's out of the race as she did when she was actually running (for President, that is)? She sent out another email tonight. It's supposed to be a "special thank you" message. But it's yet another request for cash.

This is Wilbur Hardee. He just died at the age of 89. Mr. Hardee founded the Hardee's burger chain in 1960. I never knew the man. But I supposed indirectly I worked for him more than four years. Hardee's was my first real job in high school. I started my junior year as a cashier and drive-thru person in my hometown of Belleville, Illinois. It was perfect. I didn't have a car and I could walk there from my high school. I stayed there for nearly three years. I had a big falling out with the management there (although I was in lower management myself). When my friend and I quit we first washed my car with our uniform shirts before we turned them in. Real mature, huh? As it turned out, I ended up working at another Hardee's in Edwardsville, Illinois, my sophomore year of college. I worked for a guy named Ted Williams. He even wore a Boston Red Sox jacket. I'm not making this up. Hardee's seems to have changed its menu a million times since then. But it'll always have a special place in my heart (insert your own fast food joke here).

I'll never forget those polyester, orange, white and brown shirts they made us wear. Thanks, Mr. Hardee (I've searched the internet, but I can't find one of those shirts.)
Ahhh, the Big Twin.

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