Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Crowd Is Gathering

It's 9:30pm--The room is filling up here at the Leonard Boswell victory party at the Hotel Fort Des Moines. I haven't seen the Congressman since he passed through about 6pm. I have seen Kevin Miskell, one of the four challengers for the Dems 4th District Primary. The winner gets to speak here tonight if it's decided early enough.

The crowd gathered around the two tv sets in here to listen to Hillary Clinton's concession speech. Oh, that's right. She didn't concede. A little while later, the crowd listened in when Barack Obama gave his speech where he announced he's won the nomination (despite Clinton's lack of a concession). People here seemed more interested in his speech than watching the Boswell-Fallon returns on the other tv set in here. Although, as Obama's speech went on, the crowd seemed to split between the two tv sets.

A lot of optimism here.

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