Friday, June 20, 2008



Headlines can be challenging at times. They are supposed to be attention-getting. They have to be accurate. Wednesday I wrote one on the blog titled "Fallon Still Wants Money." Ed Fallon this week sent out his second email in as many weeks asking supporters to help him pay off his $35,000 campaign debt from his failed democratic primary run against incumbent Congressman Leonard Boswell in Iowa's Third District.

Some candidates don't pay back their debts. I'm sure it's not too hard to find people Hillary Clinton still owes. Fallon called me today to say he didn't like the headline I used. He said it implies that he wants money for himself. He said he is committed to paying back the people and organizations to whom he owes money. He doesn't like any implication the money is for himself (Fallon has taken some heat from some Democrats who are unhappy that he paid his girlfriend to run his congressional campaign and pays her and himself to run a business that has, at times, promoted his congressional campaign. BTW, Despite complaints from Boswell, no state or federal agency that I know of has ruled Fallon did anything wrong).

Anyway, that's not what I implied in the headline. I wasn't implying any funds raised would go to his pocket. But I always like to give people the chance to call me on something if they don't like it. Thanks for calling. I disagree. But thanks for calling.

I know I could be opening the door to more than I may realize. But I wish more people would call us if they think they've been wronged by the media. Headlines, sentences, words, whatever...can mean something to us as we write them but can have other interpretations to others. It sucks. But it happens. And I appreciate hearing about it when it does.

My Cardinals got swept by the Royals? Ouch. I mean, I don't mind the Royals, but a sweep? And Boston and Detroit are next. Yikes.

That's all for now. BTW, my arm still hurts...four days after my tetanus shot! Is that normal?


Anonymous said...

Wow, that just says it all right there. Give me a break! Fallon has time to pick up the phone and ballyhoo to one of the top political reporters in this state about the wording of a headline?! Ed, did you ever think maybe you should be phone banking potential donors round the clock to bail yourself out instead of bothering reporters? Give it a rest. Idiot.

Anonymous said...

The last person who posted may be a little harsh. But I agree Fallon needs to give it a rest. So what that we know he is asking his supporters for more money.

Anonymous said...

I always liked Fallon. Although he has made me wonder what is going on lately. If you read his letter, it sure sounds like he wants to run again. Can you say INDEPENDENT?!!!

Paul J.
Johnston, Iowa