Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Obama's New Leader...and Sex

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Looks like Barack Obama is getting a jump start on John McCain in Iowa. He just named Jackie Norris as his Iowa State Director. Here's a bit of her bio from the release:

Norris, a long time Democratic operative, served as political director on Vice President Al Gore’s 1999-2000 Iowa caucus campaign and as finance director of Tom Vilsack's 1998 campaign for Governor. Norris worked in Washington D.C. for seven years on Capitol Hill, in the White House as a scheduler for Vice President Gore, and at the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Norris teaches high school American Government and History and is married to John Norris, Chair of the Iowa Utilities Board. They have three sons, Hunter, Cole, Sam.

Obama's campaign is also jumping in to help Iowans hurt by the floods. I haven't seen McCain's camp pushing his peeps to do anything. Jackie Norris sent out an email to supporters asking for their help.

The campaign hasn't released other names who will work with the campaign. But I do know Joseph Jones will be one of them. Joseph has been working as the Director of Governmental Affairs for the Iowa Finance Authority. He used to be a communications guy in Governor Tom Vilsack's administration.


My wife, Emily, has been wanting to see a movie. But her girlfriends had either already seen it or couldn't go when she could go. So I went with her to Jordan Creek's Century Theater in West Des Moines last night. The movie...yes, "Sex in the City." I know. I can't say I watched the show when it was on HBO. Actually, I couldn't SAY that I watched it even if I did. But, really, I didn't really watch the show when it was on. We walked in halfway through the movie previews. I think the politically correct thing to say is the previews weren't targeted to men. I'll leave it at that.

The highlight of the night for me was probably when another guy walked in with his wife, scanned the crowd, saw me and saluted me for being "another guy" in the theater with him. As for the movie, I won't ruin the ending if you haven't seen it. But let me just say, waaaaay too much man butt. Waaay too much. And what was that sideways shot of, uhm, well, shall we say, "Mr. Johnson"? Since when did movies start showing guy's "little guys"?
Plenty of tears from the women in the theater throughout the movie. Plenty of tears from me during that scene with that sideways shot. Good night, Mr. Johnson.

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Mitch H. said...

This is not a true battleground state for John McCain. The Obama campaign had at least 50 campaign offices set up around the state of Iowa during the caucuses w/ nearly 200 paid full-time staff. McCain refused to participate in the Iowa Republican Party Straw Poll last August in Ames and placed a very weak 4th place in the Republican caucus in January. All preference polls over the last year have McCain running behind Senator Obama.