Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Rick Perry vs. Rick Parry

Perry Parody: Well, well, well, won't this be interesting? Texas Governor Rick Perry will let people know Saturday he's running for president. He'll do it in South Carolina. Yes, I said Saturday, the same day as the Republican Party of Iowa's Straw Poll in Ames. Good way to get some attention away from the candidates competing in the straw poll, wouldn't you say? Perry will get some votes at the straw poll. The pro-Perry group, Americans for Rick Perry, is working to get him some write-in votes. This year the party allows write-in votes. Pro-Perry people have also been running ads pushing him as a better alternative than the current field of Republican candidates. Here's one from Jobs for Iowa:

But, now these Perry ads are about to get some competition from a man with the same name, just a different spelling. Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert's SuperPAC organization is starting some ads Wednesday in Des Moines. It is pushing for Rick Parry, yes, spelled with an "a", instead of an "e". Colbert announced it on his show last night. I can't find the full ad anywhere and Colbert said the only way to see it is to "move to Des Moines".

Here's the clip.

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