Sunday, August 14, 2011

King Questions Perry's Timing

One In, One Out: This weekend, Iowans saw one Republican presidential candidate get into the race and another one leave it. Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty quit the race Sunday after a disappointing and distant 3rd place finish Saturday night in the Iowa Straw Poll. That's not the part of the weekend that has 5th District Republican Congressman Steve King shaking his head. It's the entrance of Texas Governor Rick Perry into the race that King isn't too thrilled about. King said, "There could not have been a worse time to do that in my opinion. And it had to be timed willfully to compete with the Straw Poll here in Ames."
Perry announced his candidacy in South Carolina and New Hampshire Saturday, the same day as the Iowa Straw Poll in Ames. King went on to say, "That may be subtle in Texas. But we got it here in Iowa."
King had good things to say about Michele Bachmann's win in the straw poll. He said, "She's put together a campaign that, at this point, it's historic, to, in 48 days, come as far as she has as a candidate to win in the Iowa Straw Poll. You can't be anything but delighted for her and what she's accomplished."
King isn't saying he's supporting Bachmann. At least not yet. He said he won't endorse anyone until after Labor Day, at the earliest.


Anonymous said...

when is she going to answer the question,, : what would you have done that Obama hasn't?

tom said...

I question everything about King,including being deceitful and cowardly about supporting Bachman. He's promoted her since the beginning,which says volumes about his judgement. Now he's given us reason to question his character.

Anonymous said...

Does Michelle Bachmann have any strategy? All I hear her say over and over again is that she hates Obama. That may win her some support, but if elected, how many more months can she use that comment as her strategy for improving government?