Sunday, August 28, 2011

Oklahoma Plane to Missouri and Texas

What's Going On???--My alma mater is in the middle of rumor central tonight. Here's why: a private plane with Oklahoma tail markings (is that what they call them?) has been doing a good bit of traveling today. It went from Norman to Columbia (home of my Missouri Tigers) and then back to Norman. Then it went on to College Station, Texas (home of Texas A & M) and then back to Norman and then back to Columbia tonight. What's the reason for all of this? And have they ever heard of a telephone, email or Skype?!

Here's a link to that details the trips.

Does this have anything to do with Missouri's previous desire to leave the Big 12 last year? What about A & M wanting to leave the Big 12 now? Does Oklahoma want out, too?

It's the talk of the message boards on tonight. Does it mean something is in the works or are the conspiracy theorists just going crazy tonight?

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