Sunday, August 07, 2011

Latham Holds Early Straw Poll Vote

Logging In: Iowa 4th District Congressman Tom Latham apparently didn't want to wait for the results of the straw poll. He started his own on-line straw poll vote. It's not scientific, of course, and it doesn't match the party's actual straw poll ballot. For example, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is listed as a choice on Latham's vote, but not on the party's straw poll ballot. So are Sarah Palin and Rick Perry.

Latham's office said more than 3,700 people voted on the site at last check. It won't say which candidate is winning. But it does add nice little tease. It says there are 2 front runners. And one of them would surprise people. Hmmm. A surprise? Any guesses?

They will announce the on-line straw poll results on the morning of straw poll Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Ron Paul R€√oLuT!0Π !!

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul 2012. The Revolution lives on...