Saturday, August 20, 2011

Palin Video

Palin Probability: Is she or isn't she? Few politicians can draw a crowd like Sarah Palin can. My tired feet can testify to that (Although, technically is she a politician, since she doesn't hold office?). But can Palin turn her celebrity into candidacy and does she want to? She does seem to be one of those either you-really-love-her or you-really-don't-like-her-at-all kind of choices.

Have you seen her new video? It is shot during Palin's visit last week to the Iowa State Fair and it plugs her next trip to Iowa, too, on September 3rd. The video only re-ignites speculation she will run. Karl Rove didn't hurt things either when he predicted she would run.

The video includes part of our story about her that night, along with part of our interview with her, too.

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