Sunday, May 10, 2009

Obama, Star Trek, John Edwards and Softball

I feel like I'm still catching up. We drove home to Belleville, Illinois, to see my mom for Mother's Day over the weekend (MY weekend, that is: Thursday and Friday).

My wife had taped Elizabeth Edwards on Oprah. We just watched it this weekend. Did you see it? What did you think? I must say I'm a bit surprised Elizabeth said she hasn't asked if the baby of her husband's mistress is John's. Wouldn't a wife want to know that? Did John seem believable in the interview? Does he even have ANY credibility after lying to the country (and more importantly, breaking his promise that he would be faithful to his wife)?

Former Veep Dick Cheney thinks Rush is the party, not Colin Powell. I'd be curious what the moderates think of this. Can Rush rally conservatives enough that they can win over the voters who abandoned the Republican Party the last few years? Or is party leadership making a mistake by not embracing more moderates like Powell who could speak more directly to those other swingers (swing voters, I mean, not spouse-swappers or that ill-fated series on CBS)

$72 million plus for the Star Trek movie's opening weekend? Are there really that many Trekkies out there who made it out of their parents' basement this weekend? Just kidding.

What did you think of President Barack Obama's comedy act at the Correspondents' Dinner in D.C.? Of course, Iowa got a prominent one-liner.

Here are some other highlights:

It was a tough debut for our station softball team. Thanks, by the way, to Scheel's for sponsoring us this season. Although, I hope you won't change your mind after our first game this morning. We got doubled up 8-4. We need to find our big sticks. Insert joke here.


Mike said...

If Limbaugh is the Republican Party, I am switching my registration.

Anonymous said...

Mike, I agree! Rush sucks!

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that John Edwards is being portrayed as the lying jerk that he is but Bill Clinton is seemingly the same thing but, rather than shame him, everyone talks about how great he is??