Saturday, May 30, 2009

Democratic Senate Candidate Rips Culver

Where's the love here? Democratic Iowa Governor Chet Culver speculates the only announced candidate (Bob Krause) in the race to run against U.S. Senator Charles Grassley will not be the ONLY candidate for the Democratic primary. Then that ONLY announced candidate seems to take a few shots back at Culver. Here's the release from Krause:

Democratic Senate candidate Bob Krause Says He Welcomes Culver’s Comments On U. S. Senate Primary

Bob Krause, Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate, said today that he welcomes Governor Chet Culver's speculation that Krause could have primary opposition in June 2010. The Governor's comments came during the taping of the Iowa Public Television program “Iowa Press” and were reported Friday by Tom Beaumont in the Des Moines Register. "I am glad my activities have elevated the visibility of this race,” said Krause. “There are those that have wishful thinking now that my activities have shown that this is a winnable race. However, I will continue to work vigorously to define a better future for Iowa and am confident that, when the dust settles, I will be the Democratic nominee for US Senate and will go on to win in November 2010," said Krause. Sen. Chuck Grassley, the incumbent, is expected to be the Republican nominee for the seat.
"Senator Grassley's popularity has plummeted from 71% to 59% since January,” Krause pointed out. “Yet he continues to vote against the essential interests of disabled veterans. In fact, his record is 3rd from the bottom in all of Congress. He also voted against equal pay for equal work by women just this January, and now leads the charge for a proposal that could tank the opportunity for health care reform by unnecessarily elevating costs for drugs and medical care.”
“I believe that when his record is made known to Iowans that Senator Grassley's 51 year run as a public official will be over," Krause added.
Pointing to his own qualifications as a candidate, Krause said, “I bring to the table a statewide network of veterans and Democratic activists that will be difficult for any other Democratic candidate to duplicate. I also bring multiple experiences in public service that have created a deep understanding of how our democracy works.”
Krause then noted that he has I been a state legislator, a school board member, a college teacher, a high level federal administrator, a military officer, an author and think tank director, a transportation professional, a laborer and a farmer.
“I did not just hold positions,” he said. “Throughout life, I have had substantive accomplishments, as can be documented. Iowans will find no other candidate in this election that can do a better job of linking Iowans to new directions and a new future. My breadth of experience, knowledge of issues, and my desire to mount an effective campaign combine to make me a formidable candidate," said Krause.
Krause pointed out that Grassley has not had serious competition during his entire career in the Senate. “But this year will be different," Krause promised.

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