Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lamberti Considering Run for Governor

Jeff Lamberti told me if I would have asked him two months ago, he probably would have said "no." But now he admits he is "thinking about it." Lamberti, the former Iowa Senate President, had been enjoying life in the private sector, as an owner of the Iowa Barnstormers Arena Football League 2 team, a practicing attorney, and a board member on his father's company, Casey's General Stores.

But he told me influential activists have been talking to him about running for governor next year against Governor Chet Culver. And so now he is considering it. You will remember his daughter may be the first person to really put Lamberti's possible run for governor out there in public. A month or so ago, she sent a message to her dad through the social networking site, Facebook, saying that she had lined up friends to help get him elected.

Lamberti said he doesn't need a long time to decide. And he is not scared off by the $8-10 million he thinks he would need to raise. But he has to decide whether he wants to put aside all his other projects to commit to running. He said he will make a decision at least by the fall, but said he will likely decide before then.

Lamberti's supporters have to hope he makes a better entrance into the race than this Barnstormers' coach made onto the field:

Here are better Barnstormers' moments:


Conservative in Exile said...

If his "influential activist" is Doug Gross, he's done before he ever announces.

Anonymous said...

Hello it's the barnstormers---> Matt Strawn anyone? Is that an influential enough person to drop the idea.