Monday, May 18, 2009

Dave Vaudt Won't Run for Governor

It didn't look much like one of those over-orchestrated campaign backdrops...just Iowa Auditor Dave Vaudt sitting in the middle of the large, brown table that sits to the side of his desk in the state capitol building. In other didn't feel like there was a huge announcement coming.

During the briefing, Vaudt again told taxpayers lawmakers and the governor are spending way too much money and he thinks it will lead to large tax increases, service cuts or likely both in the next few years because of it.

Vaudt then dropped what will likely overshadow his anti-spending message...he is not running for governor next year. Vaudt said if he did run, he would lose his voice, or the credibility of it, as the state auditor in the next 18 months. He fears Iowans, Democrats, his Republican primary opponents...they would all question what he was saying. That wouldn't best serve the Iowa taxpayers, he doesn't believe. Vaudt said at this time he has no plans to endorse another Republican before the primary. But he did say he wants the nominee to focus on financial issues, which he thinks should be the main emphasis for the next governor.

Vaudt did say he will run for re-election as state auditor. He is currently serving his second term.

Vaudt also announced he has put together a message for Iowans on the state's money matters on the website, YouTube.

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