Friday, May 22, 2009

Bankruptcy GM Bad for Iowa Dealers

Chrylser auto dealers in Iowa may already be hosed. The dealers told by the company Chrysler no longer wants them in the family don't seem to have a lot of hope they will get a second chance. There is some type of "appeal" process with the company, but dealers don't seem to think that process will do much good.

General Motors dealers, on the other hand, think Iowa law is on their side. They say the law stops a manufacturer from ending their relationship in almost all cases. But they fear that could all change, like it has with Chrysler, under bankruptcy proceedings. Bruce Anderson, the general counsel for the Iowa Auto Dealers Association, said that is why dealers are watching so closing the end of this month. That's when we could learn if GM will head toward bankruptcy under its negotiations with President Barack Obama.

I've never really been able to get good answers from people how closing dealerships will save much money for the manufacturers. But Slate magazine has an article that offers some ideas.


What does Albert Pujols have against Big Macs? Maybe this helps figure that out.

And Hormel is making more money apparently because we are eating more Spam. So in honor of that...

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