Sunday, May 24, 2009

Behn for Governor, Republican Powell, Remembering Parkersburg

There is a new name in the Republican race for Iowa governor next year. 2002 party nominee Doug Gross offered State Sen. Jerry Behn of Boone as a possibility. That's the first time I've heard Behn's name mentioned. He's 55 and was first elected to the statehouse in 1996. By the way, don't mention global warming to him. He's not a believer.

Speaking of believing, it appears Colin Powell is still a believer in the Republican Party. Powell wants a more inclusive (moderate) mentality as the party tries to rebuild itself from the last few elections. He admitted he has voted for some Democrats for the White House over the years, but he has voted for far more Republicans.

Monday, is a painful day of memories for many Iowans. It was one year ago, an EF5 tornado tore through Parkersburg in eastern Iowa and killed seven people. Two others died in the tornado in nearby New Hartford. This video is our first live report from the scene last year.

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Anonymous said...

That was some good "first on the scene" coverage by Jarrett and Brett! God bless the Parkersburg people!