Sunday, May 31, 2009

LLS, Two Special Kids and Lester Holt

These 16 people and two youngsters (yes, I know a few people are missing from the photo) have spent the last 10 weeks giving their life to saving lives. They all competed in the Man, Woman and Celebrity of the Year for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in central Iowa. In the middle of this recession, they still managed to help raise about $200,000 to fight blood cancer. I had the honor to emcee LLS' annual fundraising gala Saturday night with my wife. It's a very emotional, inspirational, and, yes, sad night. Tears flowed all night long. And many of us guys kept biting our bottom lip, so we wouldn't lose it, too.

A few decades ago, a child diagnosed with blood cancer had more than a 95% chance of dying. It's a staggering and heartbreaking statistic. But this next number shows why nights like last night, recession and all, are so important. A child now has an 86% chance of surviving because of all the dollars that have funded all the research because of nights like Saturday night and people like the ones in the picture above. The goal is to wipe out blood cancer by 2015. It can happen. It should happen. It will happen. The two youngsters in that picture, Wil and Sarah, need it to happen.

Our sports guy, Andy Fales, has missed our station softball team's games the past two weeks. He played in our first game. We lost that one. We have won the last two. Coincidence? I'm not judging. I'm just saying...

This is the price I pay, and my right knee pays, for softball. For the record, I was safe at second base. The left half of my leg isn't red from softball. Believe it or not, my wife actually sprayed me with sunblock before before we hit the beach on Anna Maria Island in Florida this past week. Maybe the wind blew it away from my leg when she sprayed it??? I have no idea. All I know is I had a bad sunburn on my pasty white appendages.

Did you see that piece NBC superstud (and one of the kings on my man crush list), Lester Holt, did on an inside look at the Secret Service? It's about 4 minutes long and definitely worth your time. Good stuff as always, Mr. Holt.

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