Thursday, September 04, 2008

Palin Brings Heat; Biden Coming

So what did you think of Sarah Palin? Safe to say, she didn't hold back. problem for her. She's clearly a lot more at ease than John McCain in that setting. But what about the humor and sarcasm she pulled out against Obama time after time? The Republican crowd hungrily ate up plate after plate of that red meat dish. But what about the undecideds, independents, "soft" Republicans and soft Democrats? Will the sarcasm will them over or turn them away?

No word on a Palin to Iowa trip yet. But Obama's camp says Joe Biden is coming to Des Moines next Monday. No details on the trip yet.


Anonymous said...

A little sarcastic humor is a lot better than the outright lies that were being told about her.

It is the VP nominee's job to throw a few punches, and she did her job. Keep in mind that she didn't come across as mean and vindictive, she came across as teasing, in a sometimes pointed way. I don't think she was in any way over the top as far as her criticisms went.

Now the dems are saying that she opened the flood gates and now it is "game on." Like it wasn't before when you were making crap up about her?

Anonymous said...

Sarah did a WONDERFUL job! Hat's off to her for her ability to continue the speech even though the teleprompter operator was "asleep on the job" during her speech and didn't pause it for applause! She nailed Obama's and Biden's characters (or lack thereof) perfectly. You go, girl!!

Shane Vander Hart said...

She did a great job!

Anonymous said...

The Dems. think Palin has no
experience--neither did Harry
Truman, and there was a war going
on. He handled it, so will she, if
needed. Barac calls himself a
"black man" but his mother is white, so in fact he is Bi-racial
George Jefferson from the sit-com
would call him a "zebra"
Signed,Two cents worth.

Anonymous said...

Getting the questions is advance is not unheard of, right ? RevGreen

Anonymous said...

Why in the world to people think Sarah Palin is this wonderful person for giving 1 speech at the Republican Convention which was written by George W Bush speech writers. What really scares me is that she would be a heartbeat away from the presidency. Just because she is a pit bull, does this qualify her to be vice president. Most people are scared of pit bulls and wouldn't consider having one around. She stands for everything I completely disagree with and hope people are smart enough not to vote for McCain.

Anonymous said...

Boy 11:30, Did you just copy and paste your DNC talking points or what????

You should try thinking for yourself for once, it's liberating.