Wednesday, September 03, 2008

No Private Palin Time

Iowa's Republican delegates at the convention in the Twin Cities got plenty of attention today. Sure, McCain Iowa Chair Dave Roederer could have been spinning me, I suppose. But he says he "had a good feeling" about the long list of familiar faces who stopped by to chat with Iowa's group. It's a good sign, he told me, that the campaign will come to play in this state before the election.

Below is the list he gave me...(btw, no private face to face time with Sarah Palin. Roederer told me he's working hard with Palin's peeps to get her to Iowa soon. No specifics on a visit yet though).

Roberta McCain (the nominee's 95 year old mom, of course)
John Kyle, Arizona Senator
Colonel Bud Day, McCain's POW cell mate(btw, he has his
own web site. Who knew? )
Jon Bolton, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations
Charlie Black, McCain advisor
Michael Steele, Maryland Lt. Gov/GOPAC Chairman
Marsha Blackburn, Tennessee Rep.

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Anonymous said...

It is clear to me that John McCain's chose Palin mostly because of the fact she has a son going to Iraq and a special needs child. It seems to me that this is his way of trying to get the undecided vote. As for Obama please remember he is not just African American he did have a white mother and grandparents. Blacks fought for the right to be free of slavery. Women fought for the right to vote many many years later. All in all it is to each persons own opinion on what matters most to them not the color of their skin or the sex of the person they are voting for.