Wednesday, September 24, 2008

McCain Suspends Campaign

Will Obama blink first on this? John McCain is "suspending" his campaign to go to Washington to focus on the mess on Wall Street. He wants to delay the first presidential debate schedule for this Friday. Will Obama go for that? Obama seems to be beating McCain in most of the polls I see when it comes to the economy by a decent amount, so why would he agree to delay the debate?


Shane Vander Hart said...

I think this was a smart move, and goes with the campaign's theme - "Country First". I'm not thrilled with the how $700,000,000,000 bailout plan though.

I think McCain is showing leadership, and remembering that he was elected to be a senator first. I don't see how having a debate on foreign policy with this economic crisis going on is "what the American people want" as Obama says. That can be delayed for a few days. They both need to do the job they were elected to do first in a crisis like this. That's not just leadership, it's integrity.

Regarding the polls - most have them pretty close. The one that has Obama ahead by 9 points is questionable. None of the other polls are showing that.

S Johnson said...

It's called putting country before yourself. Who are the "People" they keep talking about that want this debate to go forward on Friday? Everyone I've talked to has expressed more concern with the current crisis we're facing and delaying the debate is not an issue. Why is delaying the debate a couple of days a big deal? We have more pressing concerns right now and McCain has stepped up to the plate and is putting his energy and focus where it should be. What's Obama going to do, debate himself?