Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Governor Culver's New Communications Director

Let's see what Governor Chet Culver's new Communications Director Phil Roeder can do for timely communications out of the office (he starts his new job October 3rd). Culver has been searching for months to replace Brad Anderson, who left, in part, to help lead Barack Obama's communications efforts in Iowa.

For as long as I've worked in Des Moines (since 2001), I would normally get an email from the governor's office (it started with Tom Vilsack) on Friday that would lay out the governor's public appearances for the coming week. Culver's office doesn't do that, especially this year. Most times, we will only get notice the day before, if not, that same day. That makes planning news coverage especially difficult. Let's hope Phil brings some form to this process, which will help us all...the media, and the viewers, listeners and readers who depend on information about their government and their government's leaders.

IowaPolitics.com has Phil's background.

Troy Price (no relation) has been doing it all in the office for the past few months. He now settles in as Culver's Press Secretary.

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