Saturday, September 13, 2008

Obama Is Coming or Maybe It's Biden

Apparently, at least half the O'Biden or Jobama ticket is getting ready for a trip to Iowa. The campaign sent out an email to supporters saying one of the two men is coming to Iowa in the next two weeks. It didn't say which one. Although, Biden just came to Des Moines on Monday. Should we assume we get Obama this time? The top five volunteers who agree to call the most undecided Iowans get to meet which Jobama man comes here.

Meanwhile, Sarah Palin will make her Iowa debut. She and John McCain will hold a rally at the Eastern Iowa Airport in Cedar Rapids next Thursday at 10am. You do need tickets to attend.

But neither O'Biden or McPalin is the most important news of the day. This is... The Tampa Bay Rays just called up David Price. He and I are practically the same person. Except that he's lefthanded, black, 6'5" and, now, very rich. Other than that, we could be separated at birth.

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